Saturday, July 4, 2015

Columbine, lupine, foxglove, peonies, heritage roses, rosa rugosa, hawkweed, daisies, chinese lilac are ALL blooming in my garden now

It an embarrassment of riches of blooms of so many flowers.  The only plant seemingly past it's prime so far is the dandelion which were quite prolific this year.  I called them mutant since they were very tall and thick stemmed.  Also the fruit trees and english hawthorne have passed their bloom period, but it did last a long time this year since we have had mostly wet and cool weather so far this spring and early summer.

I have columbine in purple and pure white, foxglove in many different colors, mostly white or pink peonies, ranunculus or yellow buttercups, white dainty historic roses, hawkweed in yellow, orange and even reddish with very tall stems, white daisies in abundance, Miss Kim Lilacs lacy and at their height of bloom right now.  Even the daylilies are beginning their bloom and too many other to mention!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lubec, Maine

Lubec, Maine had a nice feature today in the Working Waterfront:  Yesterday I happened to take lots of pictures of the boats on the waterfront area so I was inspired to do some kaleidoscopes today since the weather has changed to rain.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Apple Blossom and Lilac time in Downeast Maine and the Canadian Maritimes

We cut around our 17 apple trees last fall and have a wonderful show of blossoms this year.  I guess the trees appreciated not having brush and fireweed competing for the nutrients.  Our 100 year old lilacs are poised on the brink of blooming if it ever get's summer and warm enough.  The lilacs and fruit trees were blooming in Santa Fe over a month ago so it is very strange to just be entering that period again over a month later.  Since we try not to heat our house this time of year, I have been enjoying using the oven to create a little warmth and thus I have been baking and cooking a lot!  My latest creation, wheat free blueberry scones, became a kaleidoscope of course.  All photos taken June 6th, 2015.

Pink apple blossoms

wheat free blueberry scones in a scone pan

hosta and lobster buoys

lilac on the brink of bloom, June 6th

Smoke bush beginning to leaf out

white apple blossoms

For some reason some of our apple trees have no blossoms, some have pink blossoms and some have bright white blossoms!

All images available framed $50, plus shipping

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Santa Fe Doors and Gates

As beautiful as the flowers are in Santa Fe, I could not leave without making kaleidoscopes of doors and gates which in the historic part of Santa Fe are really remarkable.  They are made of wood and or metal and have lots of infinite variations it seems.  The colors of the adobe walls, the trim paint, and the spring greenscape make for remarkable colors.

Michael and I plan another retreat next Spring in Santa Fe as we enjoyed our time here so much.

I am off today on the next leg of our trip.  After quickly going across the middle of the country, we will be spending a few days with friends in Ontario, then on to my sister's in Northern Vermont and then finally home after one night on Mt Desert Island (Acadia National Park).  Immediately we turn on the water, hopefully without incident, and settle into multiple seasons without the internet at home which will be really challenging, if not impossible.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Santa Fe wisteria gives way to lilacs now giving way to irises

I am enjoying my 3 weeks of Spring in New Mexico most of which I have spent in and around Santa Fe.  I could totally see myself living here.  I would miss the hiking in Sedona, but the cultural and art opportunities are astounding here.  Just look at this calendar:

Yesterday I took a walk in the South Capital neighborhood I am currently living in and saw 6 or more colors of irises in full bloom, many of the them had rain drops on them.  So here are some kaleidoscopes I couldn't keep myself from creating.  My next topic will probably be gates and doors as they is an amazing variety here:

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring in New Mexico and Living out of a Suitcase

Left Arizona Saturday and will be living out of a suitcase for more than 4 weeks. It's fine with me, I like to see new things, especially natural areas in the southwest.  Many of the old ranches have been subdivided into large lots with significant common lands for the common people like Galisteo Basin Preserve near Santa Fe and Timberlake Ranch near Ramah, NM.  We have seen lots of afternoon wind and billowing cloud formations and even a few sprinkles of rain. We have a particular fondness for El Morro National Monument and El Malpais National Monument.  Tomorrow we will visit Pecos National Historic Park.  We hope to see the Randall Davey Home on Friday afternoon at the Audubon Center.  Below are a few recent kaleidoscopes of our travels in New Mexico.  Enjoy!

 New Mexico Clouds

Muddy Water in Ramah Lake

rocks over Ramah Lake

spring has sprung

the stock tank

the photographer

Timberlake Cliffs

feral kitty

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Flowers in my Garden in Northern Arizona made into Kaleidoscopes

Less than 3 weeks and we leave on our trip North and East with a substantial stopover in Santa Fe, New Mexico this Spring.  I am getting my garden areas ready for our summer caretaker and many things are now blooming like lilacs, siberian irises, english lavender, and blanket flower.  I will have an opportunity in 6 weeks or so to see my lilacs blooming on Campobello Island.  Here most of the fruit trees have already bloomed and in the Maritimes and Downeast Maine it will be June before we see the apple trees blooming!  Also added in a few kaleidoscopes of stained glass and mosaic projects that I completed as well as cholla and other cacti!  See if you can figure out what is the original subject matter for all 14 kaleidoscopes.