Monday, May 9, 2016

En route to home via Art Barn in Indiana

Michael has a 3 day workshop at the where he has taught every year for many years.  The founder of the Art Center recently passed away so we are missing her cheerful presence.  When we were in Santa Fe I took lots of photos so it is time for some new kaleidoscopes.  However, before I do the Santa Fe pictures, I am doing a few of the flowers and architecture I saw in Indiana and Illinois.

Bleeding Hearts

Bark and Fungus

More Bleeding Heart Flowers

Colorful leaves or Green, Green Green

My sister's Purple Front Door

White Trillium

Many Violets

Copper Sculpture

Grate and Flowers

Hostas and Yellow Tulip

Picket Fence and Purple Flowers

The New Puppy Thea(my sister's)