Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Heart for You and Holiday Thoughts

I have been busy doing rockscaping this week, but my thoughts have been on the need for gun control after the Newtown tragedy.  I am sure glad I didn't have to work in a school with armed guards.  It was bad enough when the drug dogs came through the middle school library when I worked in New Mexico!

The kaleidoscope I made first has a hidden heart shape, can you find it?

 Hidden Hearts in Sympathy of the Newtown  Tragedy Victims

Rock Formation at top of Brins Mesa
 Merry Christmas to All

We will be sponsoring an Albert Handell Workshop this summer in Lubec: so plan on this at the end of August!  August 26th to 30th, 2013
Michael Chesley Johnson, Facilitator

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Our House for Sale, Santa Fe, and my New Fabric

As I walk around our community, I am mindful that we may be relocating to Santa Fe next winter so I am going to document our natural area in kaleidoscopes this winter.  For artistic income and the possibility that I could get a meaningful job in New Mexico, we are searching for a new house.

Anyone interested in a great house in a great community: or zillow:  

Here are the kaleidoscopes for the week.  They are all from photographs I took of the Spring Creek Trail which is a short 2 blocks from my house!  It is amazing the variety of colors we get in our AZ fall and winter seasons.  It helps to have blue skies, brown leaves and bare limbs, and green and brown grasses all at the same time!

My kaleidoscopes in fabric are now available:  I have started with 30 designs, but plan to expand if I sell any!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The End of Fall and My Wonderful Hiking Group

The best thing about Sedona is all the wonderful hiking trails we have in combination with the best Fall climate I have found anywhere.  Several winters ago I joined a wonderful hiking group of women who have been hiking once or twice a week with their dogs since 1996.  This week we ventured out the Vultee Arch Road to the Secret Canyon trail.  The road is not maintained that it is probably the last time I will venture out there in a vehicle.

If you want to buy a few metal prints of some of my kaleidoscopes, please try this link:  You can also use the drop down menu and order cards and other items from this link also.

Isn't Southwestern vegetation great!
This one features the last red maple leaf of Fall in the center area!

the view through the arch in the red rocks where we had our lunch!

Come out and enjoy some wonderful weather and plein air painting opportunities: