Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Height of Bloom

I have everything from foxglove to Miss Kim lilacs blooming right now in my gardens.  The ferns, chives, hostas, columbines, and heirloom roses are amazing this year.  In fact, everything is especially beautiful this year.  We had plenty of sun AND rain when we needed it evidently.

Begonia in a Birch Bark Planter


Very green ferns


Heirloom Roses in Abundance

One of my many hostas

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flowers, Rocks and the Geometry of Nature

Campobello Island is well known for it's beautiful beach "cobbles".  I have a garden at Friar's Bay Studio Gallery where I use cobbles as "Campobello mulch".    Today is another busy day of renovation at the Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery, so here are three quick kaleidoscopes I created with seasonal flowers in my garden.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Artists Retreat Studios and Gallery Doors and Front Stoop

I am working very hard to prepare our new Gallery for opening around July 1st.  I decided this week to go back to architectural photos since I have been using nature photos for quite some time. The front doors are painted "Sedona at Sunset" which I think is a bit more pumpkin colored than the colors of red rock , but they made a nice focal point for my photos and hopefully for our Gallery.

The front doors

The front doors variation 2

The front doors variation 3

Artists Retreat Studios & Gallery Front Stoop

You can really have fun with just one photograph.  There are endless variations that can be created with various shapes or slices of the photograph.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lilacs, Lupines and Horse Chestnut Candles

The apple blossoms are quickly fading with the large rain yesterday leading to their rapid demise!  However, up next is the lilacs which are very late this year and just coming out nearly in mid June!  The lupines are also making an appearance at their regularly scheduled time I believe.  I need to keep a better blooming diary to be sure of that fact.

 We also have quite a few old horse chestnut trees over 100 years old which have beautiful candles in early June.  They also seem a bit late this year as they have really just come out.  I caught a bee this morning feasting on the nectar or pollen in a candle.  He was quite stunned by the 46 degree morning temp and yesterday's 3 " rain so I had no problem taking his photograph.

All photos taken on morning of June 9th which documents the lateness of the lilacs!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Apple Blossom Time!

On our old seaside farm we have 17 historic apple trees.  When they bloom it is an explosion of color.  This was the week.  It has been cold and rainy for weeks, but then we had a sunny, warm day and it's a spray of white, with a little pink, gray and green!

Apple Blossom Closeup--see all the subtle colors of white

Apple Blossom Colors

Apple Blossom Ring

Apple Blossom Spray

As always, these prints are available, please contact me for pricing and availability!