Sunday, March 29, 2015

Flowers in my Garden in Northern Arizona made into Kaleidoscopes

Less than 3 weeks and we leave on our trip North and East with a substantial stopover in Santa Fe, New Mexico this Spring.  I am getting my garden areas ready for our summer caretaker and many things are now blooming like lilacs, siberian irises, english lavender, and blanket flower.  I will have an opportunity in 6 weeks or so to see my lilacs blooming on Campobello Island.  Here most of the fruit trees have already bloomed and in the Maritimes and Downeast Maine it will be June before we see the apple trees blooming!  Also added in a few kaleidoscopes of stained glass and mosaic projects that I completed as well as cholla and other cacti!  See if you can figure out what is the original subject matter for all 14 kaleidoscopes.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Flood and Aftermath Return of Spring in Arizona

The flood on Oak and Spring Creeks came and went this past week, but what a difference in the land surrounding the creeks.  At the same time as we got our 4 inch rain the fruit trees were becoming showy and the leaves on the Cottonwoods are beginning to green.  It was an exciting week to observe the changes.  Some of the sand dunes and charred wood came from Oak Creek Canyon above Sedona where they had a bad fire last May called the Slide Fire.

Great flood sculptures have been created by the wood debris.  The green is very bright right now, bit the grass and the leaves that are beginning to pop out.