Saturday, December 19, 2020

Grateful End of Year Thoughts 2020

2020 will be remembered as the year of the first global pandemic in our lifetimes, and 102 years since the last pandemic which Michael's Grandfather experienced as a young physician. This has been a year to try to forget in some ways, but there are always valuable life lessons to be gained. I have learned to be extremely grateful for my continuing good health, my adequate financial situation, and for my comfortable home. I always feel grateful for my good fortune, but this year it is especially poignant to think these thoughts of gratitude.

Reading over my past several year's end of year thoughts, I discovered that we did achieve one of our life goals. In fact, the pandemic probably led us to make a decision quicker and more forcefully than we might have otherwise. This was the desire to purchase a camping vehicle as our aging bodies do not sleep as well in a tent as in past years. So in May when it was obvious that our annual summer residence in Canada was not going to be possible, we began searching harder for a camping van. We had a fairly low budget and desired to find something in the state of New Mexico if possible so we would not have to travel far to view due to Covid19. We found an option in Santa Fe, one in Taos and one in Silver City, New Mexico. The one in Silver City was our choice. It is a Canadian made class B Pleasure-Way that is now 21 years old and has over 100,000 miles, but it was meticulously maintained and everything worked when we bought it which was very nice. We have enjoyed overnight stays in our local National Forest, State Parks, and one longer trip just over the border into Colorado in Pagosa Springs when the pandemic seemed to be getting under control somewhat in August. We call her Wilma the Van.

The day we made our van purchase! We bought it from a wonderful couple in Silver City and they took this photo right after we handed them the check!

Michael lost all his income from workshop teaching which had been a primary source of income for 15 years, but he got a contract to write a book in the next year so that was a great development. Also, all my family members and friends have gotten through their unrelated hospital stays without getting sick from Covid19 which was a relief. Ironically, this was the year that 3 of 4 of our parent's had to be hospitalized for the first time in my memory and the 4th parent was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but she is in the very, very early stages and is 89 so it is not as much of a tragedy as it could be.

Fresh Beets at the Santa Fe Market! I thought the colors were very appropriate for the Winter Holidays.

Taos Bridge Kaleidoscope

Happy Holidays to All and let us hope that 2021 brings the beginning of the end of the Covid19 pandemic.

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