Monday, February 2, 2015

Colorful Kaleidoscopes and a More Monochromatic Seasonal Palette

Visited one of our favorite local National Monuments as a treat yesterday.  Spoke with a younger generation seasonal ranger who took out his smart phone to answer a question we had which was a first for us.  Learned he was studying "sustainable communities" in graduate school.  What more appropriate location for him to study than a native American pueblo as a posting!  They were nothing if not sustainable, except evidently the long drought finally caused them to abandon theur communities along Oak Creek and the Verde River.

I was inspired to do 2 series of kaleidoscopes.  One based on my late blooming Minerva Amaryllis at home and secondly the fantastic rock walls of Tuzigoot National Monument with it's wonderful winter palette of seasonal grasses in Clarkdale, Arizona.

Minerva Amaryllis as Subject

Tuzigoot Walls as Subject

Only 10 weeks and we begin our long trip back Campobello Island, NB  This year we will be spending over a month travelling to get there with a significant stopover in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the way.