Friday, November 27, 2015

Fall Continues Southwest Style

One of the best things about living in 2 different countries and climates is the extra long spring and fall seasons that we enjoy,  We begin Fall in September and October in the Canadian Maritimes and continue to enjoy Fall until at least mid-December in Sedona.  In some respects you could argue, we actually enjoy Fall until Spring begins in February here in the Southwest.

However, the deciduous trees like the mulberry, cottonwood, sycamores, maples and others do lose their leaves for 3-4 months so I guess that is winter even if the daytime temps are a comfy 55 degrees.  Of course, the nighttime temps are in the 20's now...  In fact, the leaves have been changing here for a couple of weeks and the grasses have resumed their winter colors, but there were particularly nice on Thanksgiving Day when Michael Chesley Johnson and I had a chance to take a walk on the Turkey Creek Trail.

bright sycamore leaves 8 x 8 framed $50

grasses in red rock country  8 x 8 framed $50
sycamores, red rocks, yucca oh my.. 8 x 8 framed $50

the happy hikers  8 x 8 framed $50