Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Grateful End of Year Thoughts 2019

As I begin my seventh decade of life, I reflect more on the positive things happening in my life right now. Michael and I have all our parents still alive and living independently and with only some of the indignities of extreme age.  We look forward to some more travel in the years ahead as we begin our retirement or refocussing as Michael has termed it.  We hope to buy an old van to do more western travels and for Michael to use as a paintmobile or mobile outdoor studio this year.  In the meantime we enjoy our twice annual Sedona plein air painting workshops, Lubec area plein are painting workshops and other special workshops and events which involve travel around the US and the larger world!

 We are very settled in our Ramah, New Mexico home and look forward to more summers on Campobello Island, New Brunswick with my parents where I continue to learn about organic gardening from my farm raised father. 

The only sadness this year was learning our young rescue dog Raku has a lifelong eye condition which might lead to blindness.  In the meantime we administer eye drops twice per day for her pannus and hope to keep blindness at bay for many years. 

Happy Holidays and have a great 2020 to all who reads this blog.