Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spring? in Arizona Blog Post 100

It is only mid-January and the nightime temperatures go below freezing every night, but miraculously I have pansies and paperwhites blooming OUTSIDE now.  The paperwhites have adapted to the temperature by sporting a very short stem compared to the bulbs I forced and have in my mudroom.

I am celebrating the 100th blog post of Fab Fabrications to announce my new project called Requilt.  This year, I will be concentrating on  repurposing vintage quilt blocks and quilt tops which never quite got made into a well loved quilt into vests, jackets and other household items like table runners and placements.  It's a form of recycling which is important to me.  I am finding lots of treasures on EBay because sadly I did not have parents or grandparents who made quilts.  The project is still in the "thinking stage", but it is starting to gel and should be an interesting journey.

In the meantime enjoy some kaleidoscopes of my "spring" flowers".