Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jelly Fish Make Great Kaleidoscopic Images..who would have thought

We are having a jellyfish bloom in Friar's Bay on Campobello Island and I am having fun taking pictures of all the varieties.  Article on the white cross jellyfish bloom in the Bay of Fundy  You never know what will strike my fancy with a camera.  I have been doing a lot of photography of our fireweed and gardens, but today took a walk along Friar's Bay to send some images to #mainejellies on Twitter and thought they might make a good subject for my images.  What do you think!

Coming next Fireweed!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Columbine, lupine, foxglove, peonies, heritage roses, rosa rugosa, hawkweed, daisies, chinese lilac are ALL blooming in my garden now

It an embarrassment of riches of blooms of so many flowers.  The only plant seemingly past it's prime so far is the dandelion which were quite prolific this year.  I called them mutant since they were very tall and thick stemmed.  Also the fruit trees and english hawthorne have passed their bloom period, but it did last a long time this year since we have had mostly wet and cool weather so far this spring and early summer.

I have columbine in purple and pure white, foxglove in many different colors, mostly white or pink peonies, ranunculus or yellow buttercups, white dainty historic roses, hawkweed in yellow, orange and even reddish with very tall stems, white daisies in abundance, Miss Kim Lilacs lacy and at their height of bloom right now.  Even the daylilies are beginning their bloom and too many other to mention!