Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bald Eagles on Campobello Island 50th Year Bridge Celebration

Kaleidoscopes at bottom of blog--see the bald eagle in these photos!

This was a big weekend on Campobello Island as we had two events celebrating history and many important people visiting the island such as members of the Roosevelt Family, Senator Collins, Senator Harkins, Member of Parliament John Williamson, and the Minister of Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living in New Brunswick.  As usual the Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission and Employees did a fantastic job putting the events together.  One of my favorite moments was when a bald eagle paid a visit to Mulholland Point just moments before the Bridge Celebration began.  I decided to do 3 kaleidoscopes from 3 different pictures this week each featuring the bald eagle.

Campobello Island is a beautiful place and I truly hope the proposed wind turbine doesn't drive us and many others to sell our properties and leave this wonderful paradise in search of a less industrialized and quieter place.  I don't travel 3500 miles twice per year to live for 6 months within earshot of a wind turbine and I am sure others will feel the same.  We hope our nascent town government makes the appropriate decision and does not issue a building permit or endorse this poorly sited project in the heart of historic Welshpool.  Join us in our fight!  http://campobelloheritage.ca/links.htm

Bald Eagle on Post at Mulholland Point

Bald Eagle in Flight at Mulholland Point

Bald Eagle on Post by Beach Roses

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