Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring has Definitely "Sprung"

Bees are active, the birds are chirping and pecking at the roof, the Canadian Geese are flying overhead in formations, the grass is greening and the weeds are being chocked off with pesticides which is the worst part of Spring in the Southwest.

Michael had a workshop this week and I tagged along the last day to see what signs of Spring I could find down by Oak Creek at Crescent Moon Ranch.  The tops of the cottonwood trees had a faint blush of green, but the sycamore trees has little evidence of the next season.  The grass was greening and the tourists from the North were out in their shorts and tee shirts.  I have adapted to the climate and am afraid of skin cancer so I generally wear at least 2 layers over all skin surfaces where practical.

Flowering Shrub amongst the Red Rocks

Subtle Greens at Crescent Moon Ranch

Perennial bunch grasses greening pp from the bottom up

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