Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 Kaleidoscopes, One Picture, and One Shape

This week I finally finished the landscaping, gallery setup and furnishing of our new venture: so was able to do a little creative work.  This blog post is scheduled to post at the time we are opening our new gallery for the first time!  Michael began teaching again this week until the end of summer so our slightly relaxed schedule is about to fill up again.  Michael will be going to Castine for a plein air festival immediately after finishing teaching this Friday:  Come and buy one of his paintings if you are in the area.  He was a featured artist in the September issue of the which is just being mailed out now!  It has a circulation of 60,000 so hopefully he will get lots of new attention!

I decided to do five kaleidoscopes this week based on one photo Michael took when he did a retreat on Pemaquid Point, Maine earlier this summer.  I used the same kaleidoscope shape for each one.  The original photo is first, then the five variations.  The variations are endless even with one photo and one shape!  I have decided that the best kaleidoscopes are created from fairly monochromatic images!  If you take a photo with too many colors, the resulting kaleidoscope can be "too busy" drawing the eye in too many directions.