Friday, December 5, 2014

Fog and Rain in Arizona and Time Passing Fall into Winter

Just had 3 days of weather reminiscent of the East Coast.  We are finally back to sunny weather!  Most of the Fall leaves have fallen, but some still remain on our mulberry trees.  It is time for my now monthly blog post.  At one time, I was trying for weekly, but the weeks are coming more quickly now as the aging process continues.  I feel like garbage day comes almost every other day, not just on Mondays!  It is astounding how fast time is passing, but I am not stressing out about it anymore.  I used to think it was terrible if I didn't have something concrete to point to as an accomplishment daily, but now I am happier with less in general.

Right now I am fascinated with the wonderful foliage along Oak Creek where it is still Fall.  In this climate Fall lasts nearly to Christmas which is wonderful.

If you are in the Northern or Central Arizona area, make an appointment to see our studio gallery: Pumphouse Studio Gallery.  We would be happy to show you around with a personal tour.