Sunday, May 10, 2015

Santa Fe Doors and Gates

As beautiful as the flowers are in Santa Fe, I could not leave without making kaleidoscopes of doors and gates which in the historic part of Santa Fe are really remarkable.  They are made of wood and or metal and have lots of infinite variations it seems.  The colors of the adobe walls, the trim paint, and the spring greenscape make for remarkable colors.

Michael and I plan another retreat next Spring in Santa Fe as we enjoyed our time here so much.

I am off today on the next leg of our trip.  After quickly going across the middle of the country, we will be spending a few days with friends in Ontario, then on to my sister's in Northern Vermont and then finally home after one night on Mt Desert Island (Acadia National Park).  Immediately we turn on the water, hopefully without incident, and settle into multiple seasons without the internet at home which will be really challenging, if not impossible.