Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Color Changes, mosses, bogs, and Campobello cobbles

We are beginning seasonal color change here in the Canadian Maritimes.  The first place it become very evident is in Eagle Hill Bog which has lots of color now.  We visited on a foggy day which makes the colors glow and the tamaracks (larches) which are deciduous conifers which seems like an oxymoron.  They provided a wonderful backdrop to the scene as they were just beginning to lose their green color.  I went to take pictures of spider webs with moisture drops, but was rewarded with so much more subject matter.

Campobello Island Cobbles
one image can give 1000's of different kaleidoscopes

Grew lots of sunflowers this summer and the bees are appreciated them now!
This will be my last blog entry before the cross country trip begins.  I have house painting and landscaping chores to complete now!  Our houses in Lubec, Maine (128,000) and Campobello Island, NB (199,000) did not find their new owners this year, but 2016 will hopefully be the year of changes for us.  We will be moving next door on Campobello Island into the BARN once the houses are sold...! If you are looking for your next great place, contact me for details...

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