Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week Eight..What and Where is this!

Today, we had a chance to try an entirely new trail called the Chuck Wagon trail in Sedona.  It starts off the road to Long Canyon and winds through typical Sedona vegetation: arizona cypress, manzanita, juniper, prickly pear, narrow leaf yucca, and the century plant.  Today I was captivated by the manzanita which was blooming already and which I learned is a type of heather!  The blooms, the green leaves and the red smooth bark are beautiful:

8" by 8" framed in black $50 inquire by email

It was a great day off from the construction site, although I did put a few hours in on the renovation even today!  If you are interested in an affordable renovated 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with den, carport, insulated storage, and covered back deck, please see my blog.  Pictures will be forthcoming when the project gets a little further along . However, if you want to pick paint colors and flooring, please contact us soon....  The house has nice views and lots of trails along Spring Creek and Oak Creek to enjoy in this gated community.