Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fog and Reflections

I took a trip on the Lubec-Eastport Ferry this week to support the Ferry.  I did learn that they will be running at least another year so let's all support them in this effort.  In fact, there may even be an Eastport-St Andrews Ferry next year if all the security details can be worked out.  This will help the area tremendously although I really would like to see a St Andrews-Campobello Ferry some day!  It would help Campobello residents immensely with banking, getting to the mainland and other necessities of living in a country without having to go to another country to get back to the country of residence, and the tourists would enjoy it too.

The trip over featured wonderful reflections in the water and the trip back featured tremendous fog.   The weather changes quickly in the Passamaquoddy Bay and Bay of Fundy regions which is part of why I love it here.

Fog Surrounding Pirate Ship HMSBounty

The day we went to Eastport was the first day of their pirate festival so this ship was docked there.

Fog at the Pier

Reflections Before Fog Settled In