Saturday, September 1, 2012

Maine Rocks

I took a mini vacation for two days this week and went with my parents to the Schoodic Peninsula which has a small part of  Acadia National Park. We looked at lots of rocks and I found out  that my fascination with rocks must be hereditary.  My parents and my grandparents all collected them!  I created the 3 kaleidoscopes below from pictures which featured the beautiful rocks of that area!

Today is our last official day of the season in the  After today's open studio tour, please call us for an appointment to view Michael's work.  Michael heads out on Tuesday for a painting trip to the Grand Canyon called Plein Air on the Rim which is part of the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art.  Last year he did well with painting sales which benefit the Grand Canyon National Park in their effort to establish an Art Museum on the Rim.  He will certainly be seeing lots of rocks in the next 2 weeks!

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