Monday, January 21, 2013

The Color of Ice in Arizona and the Granite Dells

After some very cold weather Willow Lake in Prescott was totally frozen.  In the first kaleidoscope you will see Canadian Geese sitting on top of the ice wondering what happened to their water.  Ice in AZ is blue since the skies are so blue and all the blue sunlight is reflected onto the ice.  The second kaleidoscope is of the Granite Dells in Prescott.  They are very ancient rounded granite formations which are wonderful to hike around.  I have included the original photos as well so you can see what I am describing.

We are enjoying a slightly slower pace this month which is very relaxing before the plein air season and my new renovation project in Lubec, Maine revs up.  Artist Retreat Studios and Gallery in Lubec, ME

all kaleidoscopes are for sale, please contact me

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  1. I love the geese on the water in the top kaleidoscope! And that blue is simply amazing! Like the Granite Dells one, too!