Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lilacs, Lupines and Horse Chestnut Candles

The apple blossoms are quickly fading with the large rain yesterday leading to their rapid demise!  However, up next is the lilacs which are very late this year and just coming out nearly in mid June!  The lupines are also making an appearance at their regularly scheduled time I believe.  I need to keep a better blooming diary to be sure of that fact.

 We also have quite a few old horse chestnut trees over 100 years old which have beautiful candles in early June.  They also seem a bit late this year as they have really just come out.  I caught a bee this morning feasting on the nectar or pollen in a candle.  He was quite stunned by the 46 degree morning temp and yesterday's 3 " rain so I had no problem taking his photograph.

All photos taken on morning of June 9th which documents the lateness of the lilacs!

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