Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cornville, AZ Attractions Eliphante in Kaleidoscopes

According to Wikipedia, my Arizona winter home town has only one attraction. I tend to disagree and think the fish hatchery and Oak Creek are pretty spectacular, but here it is in black and white:,_Arizona#Attractions. Interestingly, they call the attraction Eliphante: a kaleidoscopic, hand-built sculptural village in Cornville. The name sake Eliphante is one of the buildings which actually looks like an elephant's trunk on the exterior.  The green grass was beautiful against the wintery look of the large cottonwood trees.  Eliphante is still trying to get the last funds to own the land that the structures are on, please help if you can by donating:

Here are some links to eliphante for your reading pleasure:

Here are a few pictures and kaleidoscopes I made:

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