Saturday, March 8, 2014

Skunks, Indian Paintbrush, and Wonderful Spring Weather in Sedona, AZ

The calendar does not say Spring yet, but the furnace hasn't come on in weeks, we are sleeping with the window open, baby skunks are being born, and the flowering trees are in full bloom.  I even spotted an Indian Paintbrush in full bloom this week.  Of course, it could still snow, but this year has been exceptionally warm here although that is definitely not the case elsewhere.

The skunks kept us up the last few nights so we had to trap them.  The licensed trapper took the two we got last night at least 5 miles away as required by law.  Those particular skunks won't be back, but I am afraid we have an overabundance this year perhaps due to the warm winter.  Tonight we are having 5 traps set so we can sleep again!  Between the nocturnal noises and the smells it has not be easy to get a good night's rest recently!

Last night we attended on of the 3 openings that Michael had last night.  That was a record to have 3 shows opening on the same night that he had paintings in...  We chose the museum show since it was his first time to exhibit at the Phippin Art Museum.  It was a wonderful exhibit which is ongoing until July 13th in Prescott, AZ.  This gave me an opportunity to visit the Granite Dells once again with my camera in hand!

Indian Paintbrush

Sedona Colors

Sedona Skies and Clouds

Prickly Pears!!

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